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Kyushu University is actively engaged in student exchanges with foreign universities that have student exchange agreements with the University. The Exchange Program is considered a “study abroad” in terms of academic registration. The credits earned in the exchange program are treated as graduation requirements of Kyushu University. The number of credits earned will be determined by the Faculty Committee. The period of study abroad is limited to one year. If you pay tuition fees to Kyushu University, you will not have to pay tuition fees at your host university.

When you are planning to apply for the exchange program, you should start to search for a university that matches your specialization and purpose of the study. You can look at the list of partner universities of the School of Design and Graduate School of Design (International Academic Cooperation and Student Exchange Programs – Faculty Level). You can also check out the list of partner universities of Kyushu University (International Academic Cooperation and Student Exchange Programs – University Level). Depending on the criteria of the partner university, a selection may be carried out and you will be required to submit a portfolio. Hence, it would be best if you started the preparation as soon as possible, along with language study. Also, please read “Study Abroad Guide for Kyushu University Students (Japanese only)” published by Kyushu University.

Student Exchange Programs – Faculty Level 
Please refer to the Student Exchange Programs – Faculty Level/Studying Abroad Information to find out information about the partner universities, application deadlines, and faculty members in charge. 

For more information on overseas universities that have signed exchange agreements between departments, please refer to the Partner Universities of this site. 

Student Exchange Programs – University Level 
For more information on Kyushu University’s Student Exchange Programs – University Level (e.g. admission time and application procedures, language level, etc.), please refer to the list of Partner Institutions for Student Exchange

For a list of overseas universities with which Kyushu University has signed an agreement, refer to the list of Kyushu University’s Partner Universities (World Map)

Applications for Student Exchange Programs – University Level are posted on the Kyushu University’s website and through the Kyushu University International Office’s Study Abroad Program (CSP) as “The 21st Century Challenges in Studying Abroad Program (CSP)” and email newsletters. Students who wish to study at an Student Exchange Programs – University Level are encouraged to check with the International Affairs Office at Kyushu University and the Student Affairs Section at Faculty of Design for information on these programs.  

(1) Departure from January to December 
Application period: July to August of the previous year 
Application deadline: Late August of the previous year 

(2) Departure from June to December (faculty recommendation) 
Application period: January of the year you plan to study abroad 
Application deadline: Early February  

*The application period and contents vary depending on the year. 

For more information on studying abroad, please contact the International Office.

International Office

3rd floor, Admiistration Office, Ohashi Campus
E-mail: intl-ofc[at]
*Please replace “[at]” with “@”.