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International Program -Startup and Global Disruptors

The objective of this course is to provide students with the fundamental understanding of what is required of entrepreneurs wanting to create a Startup. The subject takes the students through the entire life cycle of a Startup, from problem identification to ideation to creating a Startup pitch-deck. We were able to have experienced Startup entrepreneur, Intellectual Property (IP) expert, and Angel Investor Mr. Steven Liew as a guest lecturer for this subject.

Lecture by Mr. Steven Liew

Four lectures were prepared to bring students through all the different elements needed to build a successful business out of a problem and an idea. Finally, it introduced students to the different ways Startups raise funds as they grow. The subject included two consultation sessions where students consulted the instructors and guest lecturer regarding their proposals. Students would end the subject finale with a Startup pitching session. The brief outline of the lectures is as follows.

Lecture 1. Introduction to startup and development of problem statement
In this session, students were given an overview of the startup ecosystem, emphasizing venture capital-backed startups and their paths to publicly traded companies. At the same time, the lecturer introduced students to a widely adopted template used by the startup industry to develop a business from just an idea. Students also learned how to accurately develop a problem statement that would resonate with investors and customers. In the end, students would learn to develop their proposed solution(s), which would hopefully address the biggest potential market.

Lecture 2. Building a Winning Team
In this session, students learned about one of the most critical factors affecting the success of a startup business, which is to build a winning team. The lecturer shared some of the more importantly mental and emotional ingredients needed to create a winning team.

Lecture 3. How to Go to Market
In this session, students reviewed case studies to learn how startups go from developing prototypes, testing the prototypes with friends and families to figure out the product-market fit, and then launching the product to the broader market with great go-to-market campaigns. The students ultimately got the message that there is no such thing as “Build it, and they will come.”

Lecture 4. Fund Raising and Exits
In this final session, students were introduced to the many methods to fund their startups; specifically, students learned about the different types of venture investors operating in the startup ecosystem. They would be provided with investors’ expectations when it comes to return on investments and potential exits. By the end of the last lecture, students were provided with a sample of “pitch deck” to prepare for their Startup pitch.

Student Presentation
Student Presentation

Number of participated students: 17 students

Date: 14 June 2021 to 2 August 2021

Assistant Professor Tokushu INAMURA
Assistant Professor Leon LOH

Guest Lecturer:
Mr. Steven LIEW