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[Italy] Politecnico di Milano

[Italian] Politecnico di Milano
* The name is the same in English 

Exchange Agreement signed in 2002 

The Politecnico di Milano, POLIMI, is an engineering university with over 150 years of history, founded in 1863 at the strong request of local companies. There are faculties of mechanical, electronic, chemical, and civil engineering, as well as architecture and design and the campuses, are in several places such as Milano, Como, and Cremona, etc. In the last five years, 13 students have gone for the exchange to the university, mainly in Bovisa campus, where we have the exchange agreement. 

Classes are available in English, but we have made it a requirement that the students must have taken and passed the Italian language examination. This is in the hope that the students will deepen their experience abroad by learning the language of the place they are visiting. However, we do not specify a specific grade for the Italian language examinations. You will be able to pass the examination for the grades required for communication in everyday life within a short period of study. When you have decided to take the exam, that’s the start of studying abroad at POLIMI. 

[Bovisa campus] 

Updated October 2020