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Academic Calendar

The academic year in Japan begins on April 1 and ends on March 31 of the following year. In one academic year, there are two semesters:
Semester 1: April 1 – September 30
Semester 2: October 1 – March 31

Depending on the course and year of study, the dates of the university holiday could vary slightly. Usually, the summer holidays start in the second week of August and end on September 30. Winter holidays which are shorter, begin around the last week of December to the end of the first week of January. The examinations usually start from the second week of February till the end of March. Spring holidays start as soon as all the graded assignments are submitted, and the examinations are over.

Things to note:

  • Christmas is not a public holiday in Japan
  • Some intensive courses can be held during the summer or spring holidays.
  • Despite the limited university holiday, Japan has a few public holidays throughout the year, and they are quite often related to traditional festivals and events. For example, the Golden Week in May. There are three days of holiday on the first week of May for people to enjoy Hakata Dontaku Parade.