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Registration for International Program

The International Program is an educational program for students of the Kyushu University School of Design. Please check the details of the International Program before registering.
Complete the online registration form below to apply to the International Program.
Once you have registered, you will start the process of English language testing, taking part in International Program courses and preparing for study abroad.
The number of students enrolled in the International Program is limited to 10. If the number of applicants exceeds this number, a selection will be conducted based on your motivation video submitted and the results of the compulsory English language subjects (Academic English, Expert English). 

Who can apply

Second-year students of the School of Design, Kyushu University enrolled in 2020

Application period

April 1 [Thu] to 23 [Fri], 2021


Applicants for the International Program are required to submit a motivational video of up to one minute in length. Please upload the video to the following link. The data name of the video should be your student ID number. eg. 1DS000000A.mp4

Online Registration Form

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    Kyushu University, School of Design, Department of Design
    Year 2


    International Office, Faculty of Design, Kyushu University
    Kyushu University, Ohashi Campus, Administration Building, 3rd Floor
    Tel: +81 92 553 4652