Current students

[Turkey] Anadolu University, Faculty of Fine Arts and Graduate School of Fine Arts

Exchange Agreement signed in 2014 
Partner Affiliation: Faculty of Fine Arts, and Graduate School of Fine Arts 

In 2019, the former Anadolu University was split into Anadolu University and Eskişehir Technical University due to Turkish government policy. The Faculty of Fine Arts and Graduate School of Fine Arts with which the university has an inter-departmental exchange agreement will belong to the new Anadolu University. The Faculty of Architecture and Design, with which we also have an inter-departmental exchange agreement, belongs to the Eskisehir Technical University. Both faculties’ campuses will not be relocated and are located on the former Anadolu University site. Anadolu University is a national university located in Eskişehir, a town of about 500,000 people, between Istanbul and Ankara, Turkey. Students from Anadolu University and the Eskişehir Technical University study together on the spacious campus. The campus is very well equipped with social facilities such as a library, various cafeterias, cinemas and shops, that are open till late at night. You can experience very privileged campus life. The School of Design and Graduate School of Design at Kyushu University has agreements with the Faculty of Fine Arts, and Graduate School of Fine Arts, which includes departments of graphic design, ceramics, animation, painting, sculpture, glass and elementary education. The interiors of the classrooms and café terrace are artistic spaces designed by students, and the hallways and lobby area filled with students’ work, giving the school a creative atmosphere. There is a Mevlana scholarship program, which is applicable to Japanese students as well as Turkish students. 

Updated October 2020