Current students

[Taiwan] National Cheng Kung University (NCKU), College of Planning and Design

Exchange Agreement signed in 2017 
Partner Affiliation: College of Planning and Design 

The National Cheng Kung University was founded in 1931 and had a long history. It was named after Zheng Cheng Kung, a Taiwanese national hero who based in Tainan. It is also known as the university with the largest campus in Taiwan. 

The College of Planning and Design was spun off from the School of Engineering in 2003 and initially consisted of three departments: Department of Architecture, Department of Urban Planning and Department of Industrial Design, which offered bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degree programs. In 2006, the Department of Creative Industrial Design, which offers only master’s and doctoral programs and is taught in English, was established, followed by the Techno-Art Program, which offers only master’s programs. 

The college aims to provide a sustainable environment for studying the quality of the living environment. Their key strategy is to create an interdisciplinary education and research environment through collaborations in teaching, research and exercises with universities in Taiwan and abroad, private companies, government, non-profit organizations and entrepreneurs. 

Updated October 2020 

Name of University and DepartmentCollege of Planning and Design,
National Cheng Kung University
Department Available for Student ExchangeCollege of Planning and Design
Exchange Programs【Planning & Design】
List of English classes for each undergraduate and graduate is available on university website.
Semester/Academic Calendar
Fall Semester
Mid September – Mid January
*nomination sheet online(1 Apr.)
Application Deadline
for Host University(Partner University)
10 April
Application Deadline
at Home University(School of Design, Kyushu University)
16 March
Semester/Academic Calendar
Spring semester
Mid February – Late June
*nomination sheet online(1 Oct.)
Application Deadline
for Host University(Partner University)
15 October
Application Deadline
at Home University(School of Design, Kyushu University)
30 September
Application ProcedureApply via email to Professor Tamura.
Language Proficiency(English)*Required to submit a language certificate at the time of application.
Number of Exchange Students3
Department and Professors in Charge(Professors with “(*)” is primary in charge)<Department of Design Strategy>
-(*)Professor TAMURA Ryoichi

<Department of Content and Creative Design>
-Professor IHARA Hisayasu
-Professor TSURUNO Reiji

<Department of Environmental Design>
Professor TANOUE Kenichi
E-mail of Professors(@design.)– Prof. TAMURA : tamura@
-Prof. IHARA : ihara@
-Prof. TSURUNO : tsuruno@
-Prof. TANOUE : tanoue@