Current students

[Taiwan] Ming Chuan University (MCU), School of Design

Exchange Agreement signed in 2015 
Partner Affiliation: School of Design 

Ming Chuan University has established 11 schools: School of Design, School of Management, School of Information Technology, School of Communication, School of Law, School of Tourism, School of Education and Applied Languages, School of Social Sciences, School of Health, School of Financial Technology, and International College, with approximately 17,000 current students in the doctoral, master’s, and bachelor’s programs at four campuses in Taipei, Taoyuan, Kinmen, and Jihe. The Faculty of Design (School of Design) and the Faculty of Communication are well known. 

The School of Design (School of Design) has five departments: Architecture Design, Product Design, Commercial Design, Urban Planning and Disaster Management and Digital Media Design/Animation and Comic Creative Industries. Education and research are carried out mainly in architecture, industrial design, and media design. There are 57 faculty members in the School of Design. 

In addition to producing many leading designers in Taiwan’s design industry, the school is also committed to internationalization and is accredited by the United States for higher education. 

Updated October 2020