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[Indonesia] Hasanuddin University (UNHAS), Faculty of Engineering

Hasanuddin University
[Indonesian] Universitas Hasanuddin (UNHAS) 

Concluded Exchange Agreement between Multiple Departments in 2014 
Affiliation: Faculty of Engineering 

Hasanuddin University is a national university located on the island of Sulawesi in eastern Indonesia. The Faculty of Engineering, which has agreements with the five departments of Kyushu University at the time of the agreements, aims to be an engineering education and research center in the eastern Indonesia region. Currently, a project for strengthening the engineering department of Hassanuddin University is underway, and Kyushu University is also collaborating in this project. 

The Faculty of Engineering at Hasanuddin University offers many educational programs, including Urban Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Industrial Engineering, and Information Technology. The Faculty of Engineering has an active exchange with the Department of Design and Human Science Course. 

Updated October 2020