Current students

[Germany] University of Applied Sciences Darmstadt (h_da), Faculty of Design, Faculty of Architecture

University of Applied Sciences Darmstadt
[German] Hochschule Darmstadt (h_da) 

Exchanged Agreement signed in 2007
Multiple Inter-Departmental Exchange Agreement signed in 2013
Partner Affiliation: Faculty of Design since 2007, Faculty of Architecture since 2016 

The University of Science and Technology Darmstadt founded in 1971, is in the city of Darmstadt in Hesse, almost in the center of Germany. Including its predecessor, its history dates to the establishment of the State Darmstadt School of Architecture in 1876. The Faculty of Design originates from the Darmstadt School of Crafts, founded in 1907. It was established as a teaching atelier to pass on to future generations the advanced art and design activities practiced by the artists of Mathildenhöhe, one of the most famous artists’ villages in modern design history. The Faculty of Design still stands on Mathildenhöhe, and you can see the historical architecture left behind by its predecessors. 

The Faculty of Design consists of two departments: Department of Industrial Design and Department of Communication Design. The Faculty of Design has a long history of exchange with the Kyushu University School of Design and Graduate School of Design, and many exchange students have come and gone between the two universities. In addition, faculty members from both universities have been actively interacting with each other through exchange classes and joint design projects. In 2016, an agreement was signed with the Faculty of Architecture, which has allowed exchanges between architecture students at both universities. 

Updated October 2020