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[Germany] TH Köln -University of Applied Sciences, Faculty of Cultural Sciences

University of Applied Sciences
[German] Technische Hochschule Köln (TH Köln) 

Exchange Agreement signed in 2009 Multi-departmental Exchange Agreement signed in 2013 Affiliation: Faculty of Cultural Sciences 

TH Cologne University of Applied Sciences started as the State University of Applied Sciences in 1971 when several schools were merged, and in 2015 the name of the university was changed from Cologne University of Applied Sciences to Technische Hochschule Köln, or TH for short. Köln (University of Applied Sciences), a university with twelve faculties based on the concept of technology, art and science, aims to make breakthroughs in social issues from both cultural and technological perspectives. The Köln International School of Design, also known as KISD, is one of the three institutions in the Faculty of Culture Sciences that have signed an inter-departmental exchange agreement with the School of Design and Graduate School of Design. They emphasize a cross-disciplinary design approach and internationalism. Their curriculum is characterized by a design education with project-based subjects at the core of the curriculum. Approximately 40% of the students are international students, and many projects involve active interaction with overseas partner universities and invited faculty members from overseas institutions, and classes are basically taught in English. 

Updated October 2020