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*CULTURE NABE is currently suspended to prevent the spread of coronavirus infection. 

CULTURE NABE (official name: English Community Space) was started in October 2014 as an initiative to promote the internationalization of the Faculty of Design. We hope to encourage multicultural exchange like the Japanese Nabe dish with a mixture of various ingredients. This was the idea of an exchange student who wanted to learn how to communicate with people from other countries, which led to the name “CULTURE NABE – International Communication”. 

Japanese students, international students and faculty members of various nationalities come together to organize a variety of international exchange events at the Ohashi campus, such as cross-cultural exchange events and English conversation lessons. Through interaction and learning, we aim to help students not only improve their English skills but also learn about the cultures and values of different countries and gain a global mindset and awareness. 

*Please see the Culture Nabe Facebook page (unofficial) below for the schedule and details of each event. 

Examples of Activities
(1) Multicultural Exchange 
– International exchange event and cooking night (about once a month)
– Field trip (about twice a year): Visit and experience the traditional crafts of the region and learn about the history and culture of Japan and Kyushu in English

(2) Improving English Proficiency / Sharing about Study Abroad
– English conversation lessons
– Occasional events (debriefing sessions and social gatherings by students who went for Exchange Program, etc.) 

This event is attended by exchange students from our faculty partner universities, students who have studied abroad, and design students of various nationalities. It is a great opportunity to get information on local and foreign countries, learn about different cultures, and share Japanese culture with others. If you are interested in studying abroad, if you would like to learn some English, or if you would like to share Japanese culture with others, we welcome you! Please come and join us! 

Student Affairs Section
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