Current students

[Belgium] Ghent University, Faculty of Arts and Philosophy, Faculty of Engineering and Architecture, and Faculty of Political and Social Sciences

Multiple Departments Exchange Agreement signed in February 2012
* Supervisor: Faculty of Letters, Faculty of Humanities
Partner Affiliation: Faculty of Arts and Philosophy, Faculty of Engineering and Architecture, and Faculty of Political and Social Sciences 

Ghent University, founded in 1817, is one of the leading universities among the Dutch-speaking universities. It is a university with a distinct linguistic and cultural identity, which makes it a useful and socially pluralistic university, open to students from all social, cultural and political backgrounds. 

  • The Faculty of Arts and Philosophy consists of eleven departments that offer a wide variety of courses (e.g. Language and Literature, African Languages and Cultures, Oriental Languages and Cultures, Eastern European Languages and Cultures, Archaeology, History, Art, Philosophy and Moral Sciences). One of the largest faculties at Ghent University, it is particularly active in student exchanges, sending and receiving students. 
  • The Faculty of Engineering and Architecture consists of 14 departments, which are organized according to their research interests and offer a wide range of research (e.g., architecture, urban construction, civil engineering, mechanical, energy conversion, materials engineering, chemistry, electronics, photonics, computer science, ICT, applied mathematics, physics, and (e.g., systems theory, biomedical engineering, and management engineering). In addition, they work together to provide a variety of educational programs. 

The minimum level of English proficiency required to take courses abroad is B2. This is the fourth level of the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR), which is a very high level. 

Updated October 2020 

Name of University and DepartmentFaculty of Arts and Philosophy Faculty of Engineering and Architecture and Faculty of Political and Social Sciences, Ghent University
Department Available for Student Exchange・Faculty of Arts and Philosophy
・Faculty of Engineering and Architecture
・Faculty of Political and Social Science
Exchange ProgramsDetail information is available on university website.
Semester/Academic Calendar
1st semester
27 September – 18 December, 2021
-Catch-up activities : 20 – 24 December, 2021
-Examination period : 10 January – 5 February, 2022
(15 Apr)
Application Deadline
for Host University(Partner University)
15 May
Application Deadline
at Home University(School of Design, Kyushu University)
as needed
Semester/Academic Calendar
2nd semester
14 February – 21 May, 2022
-Catch-up activities : 23 – 25 May, 2022
-Examination period : 30 May – 1 July, 2022
(15 Oct)
Application Deadline
for Host University(Partner University)
15 November
Application Deadline
at Home University(School of Design, Kyushu University)
as needed
Application ProcedureApply via email to Student Affairs Section.
Language Proficiency(English)*Required to submit a language certificate at the time of application.
*CEFR B2-level or higher. (Required scores for TOEFL and other tests are listed on the website.)
RemarksMaster’s level
Exception: 4th year students who have at least 180 ECTS by the end of the 3rd year can be accepted.
Number of Exchange Students3
Department and Professors in Charge(Professors with “(*)” is primary in charge)<Department of Human Science>
-(*)Professor REMIJN, Gerard Bastiaan
E-mail of Professors(@design.)– Prof. REMIJN : remijn@